Interview with Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo – Director of Biomolecular Restoration, Nutrition and Lifestyle

24.08.2017 - Bio-R, Interviews

We often feel low in energy, depressed, anxious or suffer with sleep problems and as a consequence, tend to self-medicate with a drink or drugs. What’s in fact behind this kind of behaviour?

Indeed, with such issues lots of people look for a quick fix to take away their pain. However, this will not work, on the contrary this will further negatively affect their life and health because the true reason for such discomfort, the underlying causes, are not treated!

What do you mean exactly?

The true reason why we feel depressed or anxious, drained, problems to sleeping etc., is often linked to our complex biochemical imbalances and deficiencies in the body and brain. Humans are a complex biochemistry and to function and feel mentally and physically well, we need a consistent supply of so called micronutrients, which includes essential vitamins and minerals, but also minor elements, such as amino and fatty acids. Given our changing modern-day lifestyles that involve more stress and eating less nutritious or convenience food, deficiencies and imbalances are an ever-increasing problem in most cultures. In fact, our bodies feed our brains and if we don’t feed our bodies properly, our brains in turn do not receive the essential micronutrients they need for us to think and feel at our best. We are then more likely to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia and cravings. In addition, our bodies can find it difficult to generate energy, efficiently lose weight and maintain health.

What else can provoke such biochemical deficiencies and imbalances?

Bad food is certainly one of the main reasons, but biochemical deficiencies and imbalances can also be caused by chronic physical and/or emotional stress, trauma, smoking and the use of prescription medications or street drugs. 

How can I know what I am lacking in and what I need to feel really healthy and happy again?

Like a finger print, we differ from one person to the other and that’s why we have a team of experts at The Küsnacht Practice who analyses your specific individual biochemistry with various detailed and in-depth laboratory testings. The certain biochemical imbalances we test that can make a person more prone to psychological and physical issues, are for example:

  • Deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals or further essential micronutrients
  • Nutritive hypoglycaemia
  • Inflammatory and oxidative stress
  • Imbalances of neurotransmitters and hormones
  • Adrenal fatigue, which is often an underlying cause exhaustion and burnout
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome, imbalanced bacterial gut flora or microbiota
  • Amino acid imbalances
  • Heavy metal loading
  • Genetic predispositions

Our experts will evaluate your results and build your bespoke supplementation, which is precisely based on your needs to make you feel at your best without negative side effects. This is what we call Biomolecular Restoration and is a corner stone /key component in our practice. Besides a unique, organic micronutrient supply, our exclusive Biochemical Restoration plan includes a tailored nutritional and lifestyle coaching, adapted personal training and stress management, all of which takes a person’s individual needs, preferences and personal environment into consideration for long term success. Each of the various elements of the Biochemical Restoration plan helps to correct the body’s deficiencies and to provide relief from the symptoms one has been experiencing. Once balance is restored, our cognitive skills and emotional stability are improved and we immediately experience significantly greater levels of energy, dynamism and improvements in our physical appearance. Furthermore, weight loss will be much easier and sustainable.

What do you think about vitamin supplementation and minerals etc. without prior consultation or lab testings, as lots of people actually do?

This has nothing to do with Biomolecular Restoration. On the contrary, if we take any supplements without knowing what our body really needs, it can be dangerous. Micronutrients can harm our body if we take them in an inappropriate amount. Let’s simply take the fatty soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E, which have shown negative health effects if taken in too high dosage or Vitamin A, especially during pregnancy. Or Magnesium which can stress the kidney if they are already weak or Vitamin K affecting blood clotting. The list goes on. Therefore, an individual assessment and lab testing is crucial.

Is Biomolecular Restoration only linked with addiction and psychiatric disorders?

No! In fact, biochemical imbalances are often linked with oxidative and inflammatory stress, which are the main reasons why our body ages faster and why we become sick or feel pain. For example, with Biomolecular Restoration, we can affect personal aging processes. It also facilitates the treatment of many modern-day illnesses such as overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors and burnout, as mentioned before. What is also very exciting regarding efficient and sustainable weight management, is the fact that there is more and more scientific research confirming that imbalanced intestinal bacterial flora, also called microbiota, may make it more difficult to efficiently lose weight. In other words, if you test your gut flora and rebalance what is missing, it is possible to lose weight more easily and more importantly, maintain the loss.

Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo Dr. med. vet, Director of Biomolecular Restoration, Nutrition and Lifestyle – The Kusnacht Practice

Dipl. NDS ETHZ in Humanernährung,