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Prof. Dr. med Wulf Rössler

Member of Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. med Wulf Rössler

Professor Dr. med. Wulf Rössler is a world-renowned practitioner of psychiatry and psychology who is responsible for overseeing each client’s treatment at The Kusnacht Practice. He graduated the University of Heidelberg with degrees in both medicine (MD) and psychology (MSc) but he also specializes in Social Medicine & Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Epidemiology. He considers that the Biochemical Restoration techniques applied at The Kusnacht Practice are fundamental to ensuring a client’s long-term recovery.

His extensive clinical experience prior to joining The Kusnacht Practice includes having been Director of the State Model Program in Psychiatry (Baden-Württemberg), Deputy Head of the Psychiatric Department and Head of the Mental Health Services Research Unit at the Central Institute of Mental Health (Mannheim), Director of the Zurich Program for Sustainable Development of Psychiatric Services, President of the Cantonal Drug Commission and Medical Director of the Cantonal Drug Addiction Hospital (Sonnenbühl). He is also an advisor on mental health programs to national governments and was instrumental in developing the National Mental Health Plan in Luxemburg. He has acted as President and Vice-President of various professional organisations and is currently a member of the Board of the European Psychiatric Association.

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We are pleased to announce that The Kusnacht Practice is fully operational and our international clients are being granted border clearance by the Swiss authorities. All Covid-19 safety protocol remains strictly in place, as advised by Switzerland’s Health Authority.
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