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Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R)

— scientific rejuvenation for the body & brain

Every individual has a unique internal biochemistry, which must be correctly balanced to ensure physical and psychological well-being. Bio-R is a unique treatment approach that corrects biochemical imbalances, which is vital for the treatment of addiction and other disorders.


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Bio-R - Biomolecular Restoration

Bio-R and healthy biochemistry

We have successfully pioneered the use of Bio-R at The Kusnacht Practice as a highly effective clinical method to identify and correct biochemical imbalances and support the recovery process for psychological and dependency disorder treatment.

Bio-R involves the in-depth laboratory analysis of a person’s individual biochemistry, which is as unique to each client as a fingerprint. Through blood samples, saliva, stool, nutrigenetics and other tests we gain a detailed understanding of the causes that impact a person’s health and emotional well-being.

We use this valuable insight to create a formulation of micronutrients, which is tailored to match the precise requirements of each client. This, together with personalised coaching, results in a highly innovative way of boosting vitality, whilst greatly enhancing the chances of a lasting recovery from a range of disorders.

chemistry of brain balance

Biochemistry defines our physical and emotional well-being

The way that we think and feel, along with our emotions and our physical health, are all the result of millions of complex processes in the body and brain.

This activity takes place at a biochemical and neurotransmitter level and it has a direct impact on our well-being. In fact, each of us has our own internal biochemistry that needs to be finely balanced for us to feel healthy and at our best.

If our bodies do not absorb the correct nourishment, our brains in turn do not receive the crucial amino acids and micronutrients that we need in order for us to think and feel the way we should.

When the chemistry in our brain and body is disturbed, we cannot function properly and may develop a wide range of disorders, which can include addiction, depression and other psychological and physical illnesses.

Imbalances in biochemistry treatment

Biochemistry and addiction

Deficiencies in our biochemistry may trigger cravings for inappropriate replacements, such as addictive drugs, alcohol, smoking, casual sex, gambling or sugary food. Unfortunately, this merely exacerbates the underlying problem and leads to further metabolic stress, which is associated with depression, a weakened immune system and accelerated ageing.

Imbalances in biochemistry may also be linked to a variety of other issues such as genetic factors, stress, poor nutrition, trauma and abuse, codependency, chronic pain and prescription medication. It is unlikely that any individual can make a lasting recovery from psychological disorders until imbalances in biochemistry and neurochemistry are corrected. Thankfully, we now have the personalised treatment plan to pursue this goal.

Revitalise with Bio-R – Residential Package

Bio-R is also a highly effective personalised method for detox and weight-loss, as well as for health promotion and specific anti-ageing properties. We offer clients an exclusive two-week residential care programme for detox, weight loss and revitalisation, in order to maximise your physical and emotional well-being.

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Revitalise with Bio-R – Hotel Package

For those clients who would prefer to stay at one of our partner hotels in Zurich, we also offer a two-week hotel stay incorporating our detox, weight loss and revitalisation programme. This will be similarly personalised to your needs and expectations in order to boost your physical and emotional well-being.

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Client testimonials

  • Urs, aged 45

    I suffered from psoriasis for years, but after being treated with the Bio-R programme, finally - my skin is healed! I have been free from complaints for more than half a year is a whole new way of life. I recommended your Bio-R programme to a colleague!

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