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Clinical hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy

Our psychotherapists use clinical hypnotherapy as a method for helping clients access their subconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions. This can have benefits for treating a wide range of conditions, including addiction and behavioural disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, grief and loss, trauma and chronic pain.

Hypnosis results in an altered state of consciousness, which is associated with a very pleasant state of relaxation. A trained psychotherapist can then communicate directly at a subconscious level, helping to motivate and drive meaningful changes from deep within.

The technique uses guided relaxation and focused attention to create a heightened state of awareness of the matter at hand. In this state, an individual is so focused that they are often unaware of anything else, and they concentrate completely on the words or tasks being directed by the psychotherapist. This enables clients to explore difficult thoughts, feelings or memories, which are otherwise hidden from the conscious mind. It is these issues in the subconscious that can result in an individual being locked into harmful or destructive behaviours.

The benefits of hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used in two ways: suggestion therapy or analysis. Suggestion uses the hypnosis to help people respond more fully and effectively to suggestions made by the psychotherapist. This can include changing problematic behaviour (e.g. smoking or drinking) and it can also help to alter perceptions when dealing with issues such as pain management.

Analysis explores past traumas and other root causes of psychological distress, which have been hidden or buried. Once this unconscious or traumatic memory is revealed, it can be further addressed and treated during psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is safe and does not involve mind control or forcing an individual to do anything against their wishes.

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