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Sex and love addiction

— a damaging psychological disorder


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Symptoms and effects of sex and love addiction

Sex and love addiction are likely to develop from a combination of physical, psychological, genetic, biochemical and social factors. Individuals often have issues with self-worth, difficulties coping with painful emotions or a history of childhood sexual abuse. The same types of neurotransmitters are affected whether an individual uses a mood-altering drug, has sex or falls intensely in love. Just as chronic drug abuse leads to dependency, repetitive bouts of sex or serial relationships can result in similar outcomes. Individuals are often overwhelmed by intense shame and deep regret. These negative emotions can, in turn, become triggers for further compulsive sexual activity.

The most common symptoms of sex and love addiction

  1. constantly craving and searching for a romantic relationship
  2. mistaking intense sexual experiences and new passionate excitement for love
  3. using sex, seduction and manipulation to hold on to a partner
  4. preoccupation with sexual behaviour or preparatory activities
  5. excessive amounts of time spent on obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual experience
  6. the need to progress the intensity, frequency, number or risk level of behaviours to achieve the desired effect
  7. distress, anxiety, restlessness, or irritability if unable to engage in the behaviour


Treatment for sex and love addiction

Treatment for sex and love addiction

Preoccupation with the sexual act or the idealised, fantasy relationship works as a barrier between the addict and another person. Discreet and professional help for those affected by sex and love addiction is available from qualified experts at The Kusnacht Practice. Our always individually shaped treatment plans for intimacy disorders include a mixture of group therapy, individual counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as ongoing activities designed to boost self-esteem and rebuild mechanisms to increase resilience. Giving up unhealthy attachments to sex and/or fantasy is a major step toward a genuine, intimate relationship with an available partner.


We provide the very best care and comfort. The investment starts at CHF 93,000 per week, depending on the requirements of the individual client. Fees are settled directly by the client (we do not work with insurance companies) and we can supply written quotations upon request.

The Kusnacht Practice services are not covered by Swiss health insurances. All costs are to be covered directly by the clients. Patients who are domiciled in Switzerland and are therefore mandatorily health insured may be reimbursed by their health insurance for medical services in accordance with the Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG) and its implementing provisions.

Client testimonial

  • Albert, aged 37

    "Two years of treatment for my drug and sex addiction seems to have paid off. Tried to hire my chef when I left. Incredible place to stay and get clean!"

Eugenia Kozi

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